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Vice Governor
Zhang Shuguang
Please write to me if you have any suggestions on our work.
Official Responsibilities
Responsible for the work concerning land and resources, environmental protection house and urban-rural development, transport, commerce, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, industry and commerce administration, tourism and Taiwan affairs.
In charge of Department of Land and Resources, Environmental Protection Department, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Department of Transport, Department of Commerce, Foreign Affairs Office (Overseas Chinese Affairs Office), Industry and Commerce Administration, Department of Tourism, Taiwan Affairs Office, Information Office, Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration, East-China Metallurgical Bureau of Geology and Exploration and Anhui Provincial Bureau of Coal Geology and Committee on Children and Women.
Responsible for the contact with Provincial Committee of China Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, Overseas Chinese Associations, Taiwan Affairs Associations, Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine and Hefei Customs, Postal Administration and offices of post and civil aviation in Anhui.
Zhang Shuguang, born in September 1966, is a male ethnic Han from Guoyang, Anhui Province. He joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in June 1985 and began to work in July 1988. He received on-job postgraduate education in Anhui Agricultural University.
1988-1991 tutor and teaching assistant, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Anhui Agricultural College;
1991-1992 deputy secretary, the Communist Youth League (CYL) of Anhui Agricultural College;
1992-1997 deputy secretary, the CYL of Anhui Agricultural University;
Jan. 1997-Apr. 1997 deputy director, Fuyang Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission;
1997-2001 deputy director, Fuyang Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission and vice chairman, Fuyang Federation of Industry and Commerce
(1994-1997 studied agricultural economy management in Anhui Agricultural University);
Feb. 2001-Apr. 2001 deputy secretary, the CPC Committee of Yingquan District of Fuyang and its Acting Magistrate;
2001-2003 deputy secretary, the CPC Committee of Yingquan District of Fuyang and its Magistrate
(Apr. 2002-Jun.2002 took a temporary post as deputy secretary of the CPC Anqiu Municipal Committee of Shandong Province);
Jun. 2002-Aug. 2002 studied in the training class for city-and prefecture-level Party and Government Cadres dispatched by Anhui School of Administration in the USA;
2002-2003 studied in the economic management seminar in the USA
2003-2006 Vice Mayor of Chizhou;
2006-2008 member of the standing committee of the CPC Chizhou Municipal Committee and vice mayor of Chizhou;
2008-2010 Deputy Secretary of the CPC Chizhou Municipal Committee, President of Chizhou Municipal Party School
(2005-2008 studied administrative management in University of Science and Technology of China);
2010-2011 Deputy Secretary of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor and Acting Mayor of Suzhou;
2011-2013 Deputy Secretary of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor of Suzhou;
2013- Secretary of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee;
2016- Vice Mayor of Anhui Provincial Government.

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