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Anhui Promotes 15 PPP Projects

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2019/07/05 hits:165

East China’s Anhui province is wooing non-governmental investors to 15 public-private partnership (PPP) projects worth 13.5 billion yuan ($1.9 billion).

The Anhui Development and Reform Commission, the province’s top economic watchdog, has released a list of this year’s first PPP projects, covering fields such as municipal engineering, environmental protection, transport, culture and tourism.

The commission promotes PPPs, a collaborative investment model between government and private companies, in a standard and orderly manner, in a bid to stimulate private investment.

Through an online review and supervision platform, the regulator has established a long-term mechanism for promoting PPP projects among non-governmental investors. It seeks to lure them to projects in fields like environmental protection, transport, energy and social programs that have enormous business potential and are highly likely to yield returns.

China has tightened regulation on PPP projects as it seeks to boost infrastructure funding while containing fiscal risks, the Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday, citing a statement from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).