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First UHV Converter Station with 5G Technology Set up in East China’s Anhui

source:www.globaltimes.cn release date:2019/06/24 hits:22

The first ultra-high voltage (UHV) power converter station aided with 5G technology passed tests in Xuancheng, East China's Anhui Province, media reported. It marks the first application of 5G to assist UHV power transmission.

The 5G base was set up at the Guquan Converter Station in Xuancheng, which is the first 5G base station built to help Anhui Province's electricity power industry.

The test executed in a dozen typical locations centered on the base station showed that the peak download speed of wireless transmission on the base station reached 800Mb/s, the average was over 570Mb/s, and the upload rate reached 160Mb/s.

5G technology application allows real-time transmission of 4K HD monitoring video signals and remote monitoring of patrol robots.

The construction of the 5G network by China Telecom in Xuancheng city provides flexible, efficient and safe wireless access for monitoring systems and power transmission intelligent operation and maintenance systems.

The application of 5G technology in the UHV power transmission station advances the research and development of the ubiquitous power of the Internet of Things.

The Guquan Converter Station is part of a project involving the diversion of electricity from the western to the eastern regions in China.

Starting from the Changji Converter Station in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and finishing in the Guquan Converter Station in Anhui Province, the project is the world's largest transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, and the longest transmission distance.

The electricity line has a total length of 3,293 kilometers, and is powered with a rated voltage of ±1,100 kV and transmission capacity of 12 gigawatts of power.