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80% of Wetland Species in Anhui under Protection

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/11/06 hits:51

East China’s Anhui province has stepped up efforts to protect and restore wetlands over the past five years, the provincial forestry regulator said.

The area of under-protection wetlands increased by 175,300 hectares to 484,000 hectares during the past five years, accounting for 3.47 percent of the total area of the province, according to the Department of Forestry of Anhui.

The wetland protection rate reached 37.30 percent as about 80 percent of species of wetland plants and animals were protected.

The local government improved the wetland protection mechanism by introducing a slew of regulations.

A special fund has been set up for the protection of wetlands, with the amount of money hitting 17 million yuan this year.

Since 2014, Shengjin Lake State Nature Reserve has piloted a wetland eco-compensation program with a total investment of 91.20 million yuan.

The province joined in the GEF China Wetlands System Project, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), in December 2013. Partly thanks to the international project, ecological deterioration was curbed across the wetlands.

The province, with a wetland area of 1.04 million hectares, or 7.47 percent of the provincial territory, ranks 14th in China.