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Hefei International Talent City in operation

source:Hefei TV Station release date:2018/10/11 hits:132

The opening of Hefei International Talent City and the launch of the "http://hf-talent.com/"on line were celebrated at Hefei High-tech Zone on October 9.

Hefei started its international talent city project and an affiliated website thereof last October. The talent city will be made into a show window of Hefei's recruitment of international professionals with quality service, high-caliber personnel-related policy disseminating and human resource information providing functions. In a word, it will be made into an internationalized "talent home" carrying forward featured talent service.

As of now, Hefei has gathered 108 CAS and CAE academicians, more than 1,200 experts in the list of the national Ten-thousand Talents Program or enjoying special allowances from the State Council, and more than 1,400 provincial specialists specially supported by Anhui government or enjoying special allowances from the provincial government.

The "http://hf-talent.com/", or Hefei International Talent Network, has five columns, namely: Getting into Hefei, the Press Center, Talent Policies, Project Application and Talent Activities. (translated by  Wang Jiwan)