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Hefei Binhu Science City officially established

source:Hefei TV Station release date:2018/10/11 hits:61


The launch of Hefei Binhu Science City was announced in Hefei at Anhui Expo of Sci-tech Achievements in Cooperation with Top Universities and Institutes on October 9. Li Jinbin, Anhui Party secretary announced the opening of the expo and Li Guoying, deputy Party secretary and governor of Anhui delivered a welcome speech.       

Li Jinbin, Li Guoying and leaders from ministries and commissions jointly unveiled the plaque of the Hefei Binhu Science City and inspected the comprehensive exhibition center of the science city.

The timeline spanning several decades in the exhibition hall has recorded the glorious course of Hefei in gathering scientific and educational resources and in creating itself into a city of innovation.       

The display boards show the unique advantages of the Hefei Binhu Science City with both pictures and explanations, and a feature film vividly depicts the orientation, planning and vision of the science city.       

Li Jinbin, Li Guoying and leaders from central government departments also visited the latest sci-tech achievements of top universities and institutes in Anhui and beyond, and the demonstration of key technologies particularly needed in Anhui and its cities.      

In a total of 56 universities and 82 scientific research institutes carried more than 400 latest sci-tech outcomes to the event, and over 400 enterprises in Anhui took part in the expo with a good many needs for key and core technologies.    

Thanks to the previous and active communications, 71 projects such as those for innovation platform cooperation, commercialization of sci-tech research findings and cooperation among enterprises, universities and research institutes have been successfully signed for further development. (Translated by Wang Jiwan)