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Highway Links Chaohu Lake and Dabie Mountain

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/10/09 hits:152

A highway passing 32 tourist attractions has recently opened to traffic, which further improves the efficiency in traveling from Hefei, capital of East China’s Anhui province, to its neighbouring city Lu’an, Anhui Daily reports on Tuesday.

The 208-km-long road runs from Hefei’s Chaohu Lake, one of China’s five largest freshwater lakes, to the Dabie Mountains, a major mountain range partly located in Lu’an. There are 32 tourist areas along the highway, including two 5A-rated ones: Wanfo Lake and Tiantangzhai, the second highest peak of the Dabie Mountains, as well as ten 4A-rated ones.

The tourism-oriented highway is also seen as a “fast lane” towards prosperity. Rough estimates show 44 poverty-stricken villages with a population of 64,000 are near it. Thanks to the highway, it is easier for local products to be transported outwards and vice versa.