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Anhui's Agricultural Exports Hit $864 Million in Jan-Aug Period

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/09/21 hits:143

Anhui's agricultural exports totaled $864 million during the first eight months of this year, up 14.49 percent year on year, the Department of Commerce of Anhui Province said.

In August alone, the eastern Chinese province's agricultural export volume reached $109 million, representing a 2.01 percent drop from the same period a year ago.

20 agricultural companies collectively registered $382 million in export value in the Jan-Aug period, making up 44.27 percent of the provincial total.

44 firms each recorded a minimum of $5 million in agricultural export value in the first eight months, up from 37 ones during the Jan-Jul period.

19 companies’ exports exceeded $10 million each between January and August, compared to 17 ones in the Jan-Jul period.

Lobster meat exports skyrocketed 135.69 percent to $44.56 million from January to August, the highest growth among the province’s agricultural exports.

Sesame exports stood at $27.43 million, up 44.87 percent, while down feather exports surged 44.44 percent year on year to hit $105 million. Other fast-growing exports included wickerwork (38.01%), gluten (28.34%) and honey (18.57%).