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Chinese enterprises to cooperate with local enterprises to expand overseas market

source:People's Daily Online release date:2018/09/12 hits:45

Chinese enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of cooperating with local enterprises to expand their overseas market in Belt and Road countries, China News reported.

Chinese entrepreneurs agreed at the First International Capacity Cooperation Leading Forum, held on Sept. 9, that bringing dividends to Belt and Road countries by cooperating with local enterprises is the social responsibility of Chinese enterprises, and also the key for enterprises to realize sustainable development in associated countries.

Whether Chinese enterprises can contribute to the local economy of Belt and Road countries by collaborating with domestic enterprises is a major concern of involved countries, said Song Zhiping, president of China National Building Materials Group Corporation.

Song added that only by doing so and helping to improve local public services can Chinese enterprises go further overseas.

Expert Ke Yinbin also noted that only by enhancing cooperation with local enterprises, can the vision for the common development of Belt and Road countries be implemented.