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Lu'an Railway Station Is Open to Passengers Now

source:www.luan.gov.cn release date:2018/08/17 hits:337

Lu’an Railway Station was reopened on August 16 after more than one year of reconstruction.

It is learned that the total construction area of the railway station building is 20,000 square meters, with two floors aboveground and one underground. The total area of the square in front of the station is 46,000 square meters, with one floor aboveground and one floor underground.

Besides the waiting hall in the new railway station building are also some amenities for passengers, such as accessible toilets, barrier-free elevators and baby care rooms.

The underground floor of the square in front of the station is the parking area for private cars, the aboveground floor is for taxis and buses, and the extra top level is a drop-off platform. In terms of parking capacities, the underground one is good for 440 cars and the aboveground for 350 vehicles of various types.