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University Students from Hong Kong Came for Summer Internship in Hefei

source:www.hefei.gov.cn release date:2018/08/08 hits:51

“The entrepreneurial and employment environment of Hefei is good. I want to stay here if possible.” said Xia Yinghao of the Open University of Hong Kong. During this summer vocation, he traveled to Hefei from Hong Kong and worked as an intern at the makers’ space of Tencent (Hefei), designing webpages and advertisements with teachers and benefiting from this opportunity.

Xia Yinghao is one of the students joining the 2018 Hong Kong University Students Summer Vocation Internship in the Mainland Program organized by the Central Committee of the Youth League, All-China Youth Federation and Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

It is understood that in order to further help young students in Hong Kong to learn about the socio-economic development of the mainland and increase their sense of belonging to the country, 13 outstanding university students from 12 higher education institutions including the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology were selected for the 6-week summer internship in Hefei.

The local government has introduced many policies and platforms to support overseas returnees and young talents to make innovations and start up in Hefei. For example, Hefei Municipal Youth Start-up Park provides a package of services including start-up training and guidance, incubation, scientific financial innovation and start-up financing system for young entrepreneurs. The Young Talents Nomination Committee led by the Hefei Municipal Committee of the Youth League implemented the “Dream Innovation Angels Program” to give a mighty boost to young makers with promising prospects, and proactively nominated excellent projects. Hefei Municipal Committee of the Youth League made great endeavors to develop the Hefei Youth Innovation and Start-up Contest and cultivated a group of self-reliant and courageous role models for young entrepreneurs.

The sound start-up policies and employment environment appealed to students from Hong Kong. They said they would introduce Hefei to their classmates and tell people what they saw and learned here. At the same time, they wish there would be opportunities in the future to return to Hefei to see the seeds of innovation and start-up they left here blossom and prosper and fulfill their aspirations on this piece of land.