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Animation Carnival Held in Mt.Huangshan

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/07/19 hits:343

Shilin Animation Festival, a summer carnival in Huangshan, opened on July14th on the top of Huangshan Mountain.

Popular anime elements and characters were moved to the beautiful Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area to interact with tourists.

In addition to anime characters, many activities featuring traditional Chinese cultural elements such as trying on Hanfu (Han Dynasty-style clothes) , tea ceremony and paper-cutting were also put on, which not only showed the charm of traditional Chinese culture to Chinese and foreign tourists, but also enriched the experience of tourists.

An international student from Uzbekistan with a Chinese name Deng An said that he has been in China for three years. It was the first time that he had traveled to Mt. Huangshan. He was dressed in Hanfu and walked comfortably in the valley covered with pines and rocks.

He said that he likes traditional Chinese culture very much and he felt very good when he enjoyed the scenery while dressed in Hanfu.