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Paid rescue service formally enforced in Huangshan Scenic Area

source:www.huangshan.gov.cn release date:2018/07/02 hits:423

Measures of Huangshan Scenic Area for Enforcing Paid Rescue Service came into effect on July 1, 2018, which stipulates that tourists or tourism organizations, who violate the regulations of Huangshan Scenic Area and fall into danger by entering undeveloped or unopened areas unauthorizedly, must pay the rescue service.

Since Huangshan Scenic Area is a typical mountainous area with high mountains, deep valleys, dangerous terrain and steep tourist routes, distress emergencies caused by unauthorized explorations of independent travelers occur from time to time, and the rescue fees, exceeding hundreds of thousand yuan each year, are all covered by the administration committee of the scenic area Administration. In recent five years, about 400 distress incidents happened there every year, 25 percent of which require search-and-rescue service, ambulances and hospital medical treatment.

The local government issued the document after seeking public opinions extensively.