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Anhui Builds AI Writing Industrial Cluster

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/07/02 hits:29

Under an agreement reached by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the government of East China’s Anhui province, China Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Industry Alliance was opened in Beijing on June 30, 2018.

The alliance brings together China Speech Valley, a speech and AI industrial base located in the provincial capital Hefei, Beijing Kingsoft Corp, Beijing Ultrapower Software Co., and National Industrial Information Security Development and Research Center.

The alliance will focus on developing, producing and applying writing robots.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the provincial government signed the agreement in May, pledging to further promote the development of the province’s intelligent speech industry.

The alliance aims to develop Anhui into an industrial cluster for AI writing and create an industrial eco-system for it.

“Developing the AI writing industry is to stay ahead of the curve in natural language processing (NLP), and is the intrinsic demand of and the sure way for China’s leapfrog growth in the software industry,” said an official of the ministry.