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Anhui Launches Week-Long Campaign to Promote Energy Conservation

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/06/12 hits:63

East China’s Anhui province launched a week-long campaign on Monday to raise awareness of energy conservation and promote green lifestyles.

The campaign, known as Provincial Energy Efficiency Promotion Week, aims to push resource conservation, green and low-carbon consumption and low-carbon environmental protection.

Deng Xiangyang, executive vice governor, announced the kickoff of the campaign at a ceremony, followed by a spokesperson reading out a letter of commitment signed by thousands of people.

Deng called upon the Party and government organizations, hospitals, schools, research institutes and enterprises to fulfil the vision on green and low-carbon development, improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

The National Energy Efficiency Promotion Week runs from June 11 to 17 this year under the theme ”Save energy and safeguard blue sky”. The National Low-Carbon Day will be observed on June 13 this year under the theme “Raise awareness of climate change and ramp up low-carbon effort”.