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Tao Xingzhi

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Tao Xingzhi (1891-1946), a native of Shexian County of Huangshan City, was a modern educationist.

In 1927, he founded the world-famous Xiaozhuang (Morning Village) Normal School, which was designed not only to train rural teachers in his philosophy but also to become the center of all political, social and economic activities in an effort to renew the village itself. The experiment was a success, resulting in the improvement of production, living standards, education, economy and security.

He believed that school must be closely connected to society to play a vital role in social reform and that education is an active and constructive process in real-life experiences rather than one of telling and being told. Instead of “school as society,” Tao looked at “society as school”; instead of “education as life,” he saw “life as education”; and, instead of “learning by doing,” he proposed “unity of teaching, learning, and reflective acting.”

In July 1937, he founded the renowned Yucai School. Tao Xingzhi spent his whole life promoting mass education. His teaching slogan is that “educators can teach themselves from teaching and obtain knowledge from their labor”. He claimed that “one should be a good friend with animals, should do hard labor to educate himself”, which embodied his mass education theory. Soong Ching-ling, or Madame Sun Yat-sen, the “one who loved China”, considered Tao Xingzhi as “the Model Teacher of a Myriad Ages” for the memorial of Tao Xingzhi.

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