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“SuperCello” played in Ancient Village

source:www.huangshan.gov.cn release date:2018/05/24 hits:301

A concert named "SuperCello" was held this May in a forest in Xixinan, an ancient village of Huangshan City. Some cellists with world-renowned conservatories brought audience a stunning audio-visual feast. The concert is held by Xixinan Creative Town Management Committee and Beijing Zhu Ling Art Center

The soft and calm melody together with tranquility of the beautiful ancient village enchanted the audience. They warmly applauded the cellists after the performance.

It is a rare experience for performers coming all the way to the small village. “The primitive and beautiful landscape goes harmonious with our music. I played in the surroundings for the first time. Really a special experience. We can focus on music this way,” said one of the cello artists.

The "SuperCello" is organized by Chinese cellist Zhu Yibing. It is an art exchange event across the border and distance. It has been held successfully in Beijing for three times.