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3 Trees in Anhui Win Nat'l Honor

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/05/08 hits:272

The famous Guest-Greeting Pine of Huangshan Mountain and another two trees in East China’s Anhui province have been named “the most beautiful ancient trees” by the Chinese Society of Forestry.

The organization launched a campaign nationwide last March in search of the most beautiful ancient trees. Recently, it has released the result of the selection that 85 trees made the cut.

Out of them, three are located in Anhui province, with the 1,000-year-old Guest-Greeting Pine topping the list. Grown at an altitude of 1,680 meters, the tree has been put under the first-level state protection and inscribed on the World Nature Heritage list.

In addition, a blue sandalwood in Qingyang county and a pear tree in Dangshan county won the honor.

The campaign aims to publicize the significant value of ancient trees, raise the public awareness of protecting them and further enhance the protection.