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Outcomes of IAT, USTC Draw World Attention

source:www.hefei.gov.cn release date:2018/05/02 hits:37

Two years ago, President Xi Jinping came to the USTC Institute of Advanced Technology. After inspecting the intensive display of sci-tech and innovation achievements developed by Anhui hi-tech enterprises. President Xi said, Hefei is a good place that cultivates people and has cultivated many of them into talented professionals. Hefei is a place of innovators.

In the exhibition hall of the USTC Institute of Advanced Technology, a robot that can conduct autonomous navigation, use speech and projection to introduce latest technology products attracts the attention of the visitors from both home and abroad. This robot is an intelligent device newly developed by Hefei-based ZKAW Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

It is the system and mechanism advantages of the USTC Institute of Advanced Technology and the innovation resources of Hefei city that attracted this pioneering team with team members from the Silicon Valley and Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. In Hefei, this team focuses on the R&D of IA core algorithm and becomes a “black horse” in the field of intelligent robots.

Up to now, the institute has set up 49 joint laboratories, recruited 490 high-caliber professionals, incubated 206 enterprises, cultivated 21 national high-tech enterprises and succeeded in applying 141 patents.