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Anhui Boasts 2nd Largest Number of Foreign Talents in Central China

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2018/03/23 hits:56

Anhui province has lured more than 20,000 foreign specialists over the past five years, ranking second in the central part of China and 15th in the country at large, local authorities said Tuesday at a meeting.

The province attached great importance to foreign talent in implementing major strategies like building Hefei Science Center and developing open economy, Pan Yaqun, head of Anhui Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs said at the meeting which focused on importing foreign talent.

Anhui carried out a national pilot program aiming to reform the work permit system for foreigners in China last year, facilitating more foreign talents’ work in and contribution to the province, Pan added.

The program offers foreign experts a slew of services and measures in areas like medical care and offspring’s education. In addition, the Employment Permit for Foreigners and Foreign Expert Work Permit are streamlined into one permit, efficiency in approving the permit is also improved.

Over 20,000 foreign talents have been imported to the land-locked province, representing a-year-on-year increase of about 50 percent. High-caliber talents made up 15 percent of the total. Meanwhile, more than 4,200 domestic talents were sent abroad for training.

Eight overseas experts in Anhui were selected into the Thousand Talents Program, and another 80 ones into the province’s 100 Foreign Experts Program.

In recognition of their contributions to the nation’s and the province’s development, 31 foreign experts in the province won Friendship Award, China’s highest honor granted to a foreigner, while 182 ones were given Huangshan Friendship Award, the province’s highest honor for foreigners.