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Mount Huangshan to Charge Unruly Tourists Rescue Fee

source:www.ecns.cn release date:2018/02/06 hits:105

Mount Huangshan will start charging unruly tourists who need emergency assistance.

The mountain range in eastern Anhui Province, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well known for its landscapes, sunsets, pine trees, winter snow, and views of the clouds.

But some unruly tourists dodge tickets to enter the tourist attraction or trespass in non-developed areas against safety warnings. Some even become stranded in deep valleys or put themselves in dangerous situations.

Authorities said organizers of illegal tours or individual participants who break rules to enter the scenic spot will pay the cost of emergency rescue themselves.

Jiang Wengang, director of the Mt. Huangshan Rescue Team, said the crew provides assistance more than 300 times a year, mostly to tourists who are sick, physically distressed or injured unexpectedly. But there are on average more than 10 cases where tourists needed help because they broke the rules and got lost.

In 2016, 212 tourists in 24 groups were stopped or fined for attempted entering into restricted areas.

Jiang also said the rescue team will cooperate with local communities and enterprises to improve emergency assistance for tourists.