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China accelerates building of science and technology innovation hubs

source:www.xinhuanet.cn release date:2018/01/29 hits:75

China is accelerating in the construction of advanced scientific research centers.

As China's leading science research institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has been cooperating with local governments to build and develop science centers.

In particular, Beijing is upgrading its innovation in science and technology with its Earth System Science Numerical Simulator Facility, nicknamed "EarthLab", which is scheduled to start construction in 2018.

In the next five years, Shanghai will open a globally influential science and technology innovation center.

Xiang Libin, vice president of the CAS, said China aims to make national-level and world-class achievements in scientific research in the coming years.

"Both Beijing and Shanghai are speeding up creating science and innovation centers," Xiang said during a conference held by the CAS on its achievements in 2017. "And Hefei [capital of East China's Anhui Province] is also constructing an integrated science center."

According to the January 19 edition of the journal Physical Review Letters, China's quantum satellite "Micius" has allowed scientists to achieve quantum key distribution between China and Austria, laying a foundation for building a global quantum-secured communication network.

The CAS will continue supporting local governments in setting up a series of national laboratories.

"The science and technology achievements are expected to promote the national economy by offering help in fields like environmental governance, pharmaceutical development and energy supply," said Xiang.

The science and technology centers in the cities will be under construction in the next three to five years, Xiang said.

According to the CAS, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements brought sales revenue of 408 billion yuan ($63.8 billion) to social enterprises in 2017, with additional profits and taxes equating to 50.3 billion yuan.