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There are currently seven official public holidays in China. Each year’s holidays are announced weeks before the start of the year by the General Office of the State Council.

Weekends are usually swapped with the weekdays next to the actual holiday to create a longer vacation period.

Public Holidays for 2018

Name Date Duration
New Year’s Day Dec 30-31, 2017, Jan 1, 2018 three days
Spring Festival Feb 15 — Feb 21 seven days
Qingming Festival April 5 — April 7 three days
Labor Day April 29 — May 1 three days
Dragon Boat Festival June 16 — June 18 three days
Mid-Autumn Festival Sept 22 — Sept 24 three days
National Day Oct 1 — Oct 7 seven days


Additional Public Holidays for Specific Social Groups

Name Date Applicable to
International Women’s Day March 8 Women (half day)
Youth Day May 4 Ages 14 to 28 (half-day)
Children’s Day June 1 Children below 14 (1 day)
Army Day Aug 1 Military personnel in active

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