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Conch Group to Actively Access Overseas Market Potential

source:Anhui Today release date:2017/11/08 hits:186

Mondo County, in Cambodia’s northwestern province Khett Battambang is surrounded by verdant green mountains. This is the site where the new elementary school invested by Battambang Conch Company is located.

“The elementary school used to be near the company’s mine. In order to avoid blasting activities that would affect the normal teaching order and ensure the safety of the students, we have repeatedly consulted with the local education department. Finally we help the elementary school be relocated with our financial assistance. The new school campus has greatly improved the students’ learning environment. The governor of Battambang Province has given his full affirmation to Conch Group when he inspects the new school campus.” Ding Feng, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Conch Group told our correspondent recently that Conch Group actively integrates into the local society and fulfills its social responsibilities when it “goes global”.

Since 2011, Conch Group has noticed that the lack of public infrastructure in some developing countries represented one of the most significant limitations to their economic growth. Then Conch Group started overseas development and relocation of production capacity. It has completed investing in neighboring countries including Southeast Asia and Russia, Mongolia.

“Especially after the nation puts forward the Belt and Road initiative, Conch Group is accelerating the pace of globalization. Its leading role in the cement industry has been fully played. Bringing the capital and technology, it invests and constructs large-scale cement clinker production lines overseas.” Ding Feng said, Conch Group invests and constructs overseas projects with today’s most advanced technology and equipment. It recruits and trains local staff to scientifically develop local resources.

At present, Conch has invested 15 development projects in Indonesia, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Russia. It has become a forerunner of “going global” in Anhui’s large-sized enterprises and China’s building materials industry. This has effectively promoted the export of China’s large cement equipment and expansion of related business overseas.

After years’ efforts, the overseas investment that has been completed by Conch Group totals 1.145 billion US dollars. The establishment of an “overseas Conch” has been basically realized.

Ding Feng said during the period of the “13th Five-year Plan”, Conch Group will further expand its investment in the countries along the “Belt and Road” that enjoy good prospect of development potential.