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Anhui Department of Education

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· carry out national guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on education, draw up related local laws and regulations, and supervise the implementation, and draw out policies and plans for education reform and development of the whole province;

· conduct overall planning and coordinated management of education of all types and levels, set up standards for the establishment of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, guide education reform of schools of all types and levels and collect, analyze and release basic education information;

· advance the balanced development of compulsory education, promote equal access to education, guide work concerning compulsory, high school, preschool, special and ethnic education, formulate basic requirements for basic education and teaching reform and basic teaching documents, examine and approve local curriculum and teaching materials of basic education and carry out quality education in an all-around way;

· guide educational supervision, organize and guide the supervision of preschool, primary and secondary education and the elimination of young and middle-age illiteracy, and guide the inspection of basic education development level and quality;

·  make overall plan for and guide the development and reform of vocational education across the province, formulate guiding documents for secondary vocational education and teaching and assessment criteria for the teaching, propose suggestion for the establishment and adjustment of secondary technical schools such as teaching schools and nurse schools, and guide textbook compilation and vocational guidance of secondary vocational education;

·  make overall plan for and guide the development and reform of higher education, carry out the establishment standard of institutions of higher education and catalogue of instructional programs, propose suggestion for their establishment and adjustment, are responsible for the implementation and coordination of “211 project”, make overall plan for and guide higher education and further education of various kinds, guide and improve the assessment of higher education, guide scientific research and the construction of platforms of sci-tech innovation, guide the informationization of the education institutions and the combination of “production, teaching and research”;

·  take charge of the overall management of the educational funds under the jurisdiction of the department, take part in formulating policies for the raising and allocation of educational funds, and capital investment in construction for educational purposes, work with other related organizations to formulate education charge items and standards, calculate and monitor the collection and use of education funds across the province, guide the reform of safeguard mechanism for compulsory education funds and the work to provide subsidies to impoverished students of universities or secondary vocational schools;

·  direct the work of ideology and political and moral education, cultural and ideological progress and safety and stability direct and coordinate the work of physical, health, arts and national defense education in all types of schools at various levels;

·  direct the construction of Party and United Front in institutions of higher learning; are entrusted by the provincial Party Committee to manage leading cadres of colleges and universities administrated by the province together with the Department of Organization of the provincial Party Committee and undertake the daily management of their leading groups; take charge of the construction of the leading group of secondary technical schools administrated by the department; participate in the adjustment of the leading group of colleges and universities administrated by ministries or cities;

·  administer the work concerning teachers across the province, implement standards for qualification for teachers of various types and at various levels, and direct the training of people for the education system;

·  manage the entrance examination for academic credentials for higher education and secondary education, and the administration of records of students’ enrolment status; make recruitment plans for higher education in collaboration with relevant departments; take part in drawing up the employment policies for college and university graduates; direct regular colleges and universities in their work to facilitate the graduates’ job hunting and starting of their own businesses;

·  organize and guide international educational exchanges and cooperation; take charge of the work concerning Chinese students studying abroad, foreign students studying in Anhui and joint educational programs by Chinese and foreign educational institutions; carry out educational cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;

·  implement guidelines and policies for the nationwide standardization of the spoken and written Chinese language, formulate and implement medium and long-term plans for the development of Chinese language, implement standards and criteria for spoken and written language, and direct the popularization of mandarin and the training of teachers of mandarin;

·  direct, coordinate and take charge of the work concerning academic degrees, formulate and implement related policies;

·  carry out other work assigned by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.