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Efort Finishes Its 4th Overseas Acquisition

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/10/12 hits:405

On September 28, Anhui Efort Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. acquired W.F.C Group, a well-known European auto equipment and robot system integrator.It was Efort's fourth overseas acquisition project.

The acquisition achieved a strong combination and complementary advantages of Chinese and foreign enterprises , greatly enhanced Efort's core competitiveness and overall strength in the auto welding automation, especially in the robot welding of aluminum body of new energy vehicles, high-speed rail and aviation manufacturing, increased the overseas market competitiveness and market share of Chinese industrial robot, and further improved the downstream industry chain layout of Wuhu's robot industry cluster development base.

In recent years, relying on dual policy advantages of "national pilot" and "provincial base" of robot industry development base in Wuhu City, Efort built a production base with annual output of 10,000 robots and acquired three Italian robot enterprises ---CMA, EVOLUT and ROBOX, through the dual-engine model of "independent innovation" and "overseas mergers and acquisitions" .

In addition, Efort set up a R & D center of intelligent spray robot and a R & D center of intelligent robot application in Italy and established a R & D center of artificial intelligence and next-generation robot in the USA.

With its advanced technology and experience in merging, introducing and absorbing overseas industrial automation, Efort has formed a collaborative development pattern of the whole industry chain from the core components to the robot and then to the high-end system. Efort has quickly ascended to world's advanced level in the robot spraying, grinding, system integration and controllers.