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Annual meet for public cultural centers planned

source:www.chinadaily.com.cn release date:2017/09/29 hits:31

The 2017 China Public Cultural Centers Annual Meeting will be held from Nov 29 to Dec 1 in Ma'anshan, in Anhui province.

This year’s meeting — the third of its kind — will include forums, exhibitions and cultural activities.

Luo Yunchuan, the deputy chief of the national public culture development center of the Ministry of Culture, heads the preparation team for the upcoming meeting.

Meanwhile, the winner of the 17th National Galaxy Award will visit Maanshan for the annual meeting, making it the last stop of its tour after Beijing in April and Chongqing in June.

Four performances will be staged at Ma'anshan Theater and will include music, dance, drama and folk art forms.

Ma Shaohua, the vice-mayor of Ma'anshan, says: "We invite digital culture developers to the event, so that cultural centers all over the country can learn about digitalization."