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China’s leading AI enterprise iFlytek to develop health information technology

source:People's Daily Online release date:2017/09/21 hits:287

China’s leading enterprise in artificial intelligence (AI) iFlytek Co., Ltd. is devoting itself to developing Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT 120) after its smart input app reached 500 million users by August 2017, Thepaper.cn reported on Sept. 19.

The enterprise aims to apply deep learning to voice recognition, natural languages processing, machine translation, and data mining.

Voice Input, the app developed by the company, is able to convert voice messages in Chinese to English text messages, and English text messages into Chinese voice messages. It can also understand different Chinese dialects.

Apart from phone applications, iFlytek is committed to developing WIT 120.

The enterprise established cooperation with the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, inputting hospital medical records using voice recognition and inputting technology. The two also announced to set up a research center to jointly push forward the application of AI in basic medical and clinic research.

In addition, the enterprise established the country’s first WIT 120-equipped hospital in collaboration with Anhui Provincial People’s Hospital, where the voice assistant developed by the company can provide the patients with proper medical guidance.

Most importantly, the system is expected to provide AI-assisted remote medical diagnosis and treatment for 41 county hospitals after it is put into use, as it has learned nearly one million medical images and videos, 53 professional medical textbooks, two million medical records, and 400,000 medical documents and reports.

The guidance accuracy rate of the intelligent voice assistant has reached 84 percent based on data collected by the hospital since June, according to the company.