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International Student Loves Sightseeing in Hefei by Bus

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“Anhui develops really fast. I feel that deeply for I have stayed in Hefei for six years. For instance, I went to Mt. Huangshan this month and the train took me only one and a half hours. I visited Mt. Huangshan five times and the first time I went there was five years ago and it took me there in five or six hours by car. Everything has changed!” Hassan,an international postgraduate at Hefei University of Technology said in fluent Chinese.

In 2009, when he was a freshman at a university in Bangladesh, Hassan heard his country would send students to study abroad. He spared no effort to prepare for the examination and then was selected from more than 10,000 undergraduates and postgraduates to study in China with another thirty-four students. After finishing preparatory courses in Beijing and Shanghai, Hassan came to Hefei University of Technology and started undergraduate study in 2011, majoring in his favorite computer science.

Hassan said that when he has time, he would go sightseeing in Hefei by bus. He has taken nearly all the bus lines of Hefei, from the departure stations to the terminals, back and forth, with a digital camera to take pictures along the drive.

“We like the restaurants on Leijie. I often went to see the construction when the Leijie project started,” Hassan added. “The earliest time when I visited Binhu was in 2012, there were many pieces of farmland at that time. When I visited the new area again three days ago, I saw many tall buildings.” “The city is becoming more and more beautiful.”

Hassan told us that his computer has a large photo library where he has stored many photos that recorded Hefei’s ever-changing landscape in his eyes. “Although I will leave Hefei after graduation next year, I’ m sure I will come back to see this place in the future. I believe Hefei will be more beautiful by then!”

Hassan has left his footprints not only in Hefei, but also on Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Tianzhu, and Mt. Jiuhua, as well as in Huainan and Bengbu. He even went to rural primary schools in Fuyang and Bozhou as a temporary teacher to support local education several times. He taught children English and played with them, lodged in the houses of locals, and ate the same food as the locals ate.