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The Latest Five Years of Anhui in the Eyes of a Foreigner: "Hefei Is Growing on and on"

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/09/05 hits:156

"I am amazed at Hefei's rapid development!" Marcus, quality director of Anhui JAC Navistar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., said sincerely in an office of the company on August 17.

Marcus, 46, comes from Brazil. He once worked for Navistar in Brazil and was invited to work in Hefei in 2014 when Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. and the US-based Navistar founded a joint venture in Hefei.

"China is a fast-growing country and working here is sure to add a wonderful experience to my career," Marcus said.

In Anhui JAC Navistar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Marcus is responsible for the management of the quality of engine products as well as the quality of suppliers. "Staff can speak their minds at the meeting held by Hefei-based company and many new ideas can be inspired during the communication." Marcus said, "Chinese staff are very professional and enlightened and they can easily accept some new ideas. I have worked here for more than two years and I am pleased to see that the quality of our engine products is increasingly improving."

Marcus bought a bike in Hefei at the end of 2014 when he came to Hefei. He cycled along the streets of Hefei at leisure time. Over the past two years, he witnessed the great changes of Hefei: Hefeinan Station was put into operation at the end of 2014, bringing much convenience to travel; Metro Line 1 opened at the end of 2016, significantly cutting the travel time from the downtown of Hefei to Binhu New Area. "I also find that there are more and more parks in Hefei and greening is getting better and better. I participated in a tree planting activity in early year, adding a touch of green to Hefei." Marcus said.

Although it is not easy for Marcus to have language communication, it can not hinder him from making friends. He spoke out two characters of "WeChat"in Chinese while shaking the cell phone in his hand. "WeChat has a translation function and it can translate Chinese text message that was received into Portuguese or English." Marcus' assistant explained nearby. At the end of 2014, Marcus’wife and daughter came to China with him. His 14-year-old daughter studies at an international school and her Chinese is so "fluent" that she can interpret for the family when they go shopping on weekend.

What is the happiest thing in Hefei? Marcus said that the greatest happiness is I can enjoy delicious Chinese food. "I can taste Anhui Cuisine such as Hairy Tofu and Stinky Mandarin Fish." Of course, hospitable Marcus also brought Brazilian food to Hefei. "Everybody knows that we Brazilians like barbecue. I often buy beef and invite friends to my house to roast, or bring the roast beef to share with colleagues. It is very popular with my colleagues."

During the interview, the journalist noticed that Marcus wore a Mi bracelet around his wrist. "It is very useful for me because I can know the quality of my sleep." Marcus said with a smile, "I returned to Brazil in July to visit relatives and my relatives are very fond of my Mi bracelet. They asked me to buy for them in China."

When talking about the future of Hefei, Marcus is very optimistic: "As long as you go out, you will find that Hefei is growing on and on."