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3 Scientists Working in Anhui Vie for CAS Membership

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/08/03 hits:219

Three scientists who work in East China's Anhui province, have been nominated as candidates vying for positions in Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), together with more than 100 peers from around the country.

Yang Jinlong and Yu Shuhong, both from the University of Science and Technology (USTC), and Wu Yican, a researcher with Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, CAS, are among the 157 candidates for the CAS membership this year.

It is worthy of note that Dou Xiankang, whose employer appears as the USTC on the list, has been appointed president of Wuhan University in Hubei province a year before.

In addition, five USTC alumnus:Sun Heping, Wang Lijun, Li Jinghong, Mao Junfa and Chang Junbiao, made the cut.

CAS rules stipulate that the list, along with those candidates' profiles and academic achievements, should be available for public scrutiny for a month before a shortlist is finalized.