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Landlords to be punished for failure to report tenants' known drug activities

source:Global Times release date:2017/08/03 hits:207

A new regulation in East China's Anhui Province stipulates that landlords will be punished if they do not report drug activities in the leased property when they are in the know, local media reported Tuesday.

The Drug Control Ordinance of Anhui Province, coming into force Tuesday, stipulates that landlords, property supervisors, and property management companies will be held responsible if they know there are drug activities going on in the property under their name or supervision and not report it to the police, anhuinews.com reported.

Property management companies in violation of the regulation will receive a warning from police and a fine between 10,000 yuan ($1486.61) and 50,000 yuan. Individuals will be punished in accordance with the law.

The ordinance also specifies that courier services, postal services and logistics companies will also be held responsible for not reporting delivery of suspected drugs, anesthetics, psychotropic medications or easily made toxic chemicals when they are in the know.

Hotels, bars and clubs are also required to put up anti-drug posters or warning signs on easily visible spots inside their premises and provide a drug-reporting hot line, the report said.

East China's Jiangsu Province also issued a similar notice in 2012, which stipulates that landlords are required to submit the personal details of the tenant to local police, or they would face a fine between 200 yuan to 500 yuan if drug activities are found in the property, Yangtse Evening News reported.