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Notice to combat heat

source:ah.gov.cn author:Rain release date:2017/07/26 hits:290

The General Office of Anhui Provincial Government issued a circular to call for effectively response to the continuous hot weather affecting most parts of the province on July 25. 

It’s forecasted that the heat will last in the next two weeks, according to the meteorological department.

The circular required timely announcement of high temperature alert and precautious measures against the hot weather.

The production and daily life should be guaranteed with the adequate supply of power, water, medical services and cooling facilities. 

Outdoor working should be reduced or suspended according to related rules. Full high temperature subsidies must be paid to workers.

Work safety inspections, especially those concerning transportation, construction, hazardous chemicals, special equipment and assembly occupancies should be strengthened to prevent accidents. Efforts should be made to prevent and control heat injury of crops and manage water resources so as to achieve a bump autumn harvest. Measures should also be taken to prevent hill fire.

The circular also called for strict precautions against drowning among adolescents and preparations for draught relief and flood control.