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Anhui Unveils 8 Summer Resorts

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/07/19 hits:405


Eight places in East China’s Anhui province have been recognized as summer resorts during a campaign aimed at finding destinations not plagued by heatwaves and fit for summer-holiday-makers.

Jingzhou township in Jixi county, Jinbang township in Yuexi county and Tiantangzhai Scenic Area made the cut. Also among the destinations are Lianfengyunhai Tourist Area in Qingyang county, Shexian county’s Poshan village and Huizhou Ancient City, Huashi township of Jinzhai county, and Xuancheng city’s Longtan village.

The campaign was jointly launched by weather.com.cn, China Weather TV, Anhui Public Meteorological Service Center and ahnw.gov.cn amid rising demand for vacations to get away from the summer heat.

A total of 45 sites around the province filed applications. Based on national as well as industrial standards such as Climatic Suitability Evaluating on Human Settlement, the selection surveyed local weather conditions between July and August in the past three decades and established “Anhui’s Climatic Suitability Grades”: I. Very Comfortable, II. Comfortable, III.Hot, IV. Very Hot. Only those which were rated as Grade II or above could be taken into consideration. In addition, other indices including the forest coverage rate and air quality were used to finalize the list of eight summer resorts.

The provincial meteorological bureau said it will step up efforts to promote local summer resorts and contribute to the development of Anhui’s summer tourism.