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Anhui Builds Sharing Bookstore

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/07/18 hits:183

If you pay 99 RMB of deposit, you can take home a book from the bookstore for free and keep it for 10 days. If you return the book within 10 days, you can borrow another book without charging fees and the deposit can be refunded at any time. If you read 12 books within 3 months, you can get 8 percent of refunded deposit as "reading scholarship" .

The bookstore at Sanxiaokou, Hefei, make its debut as “Sharing Bookstore”on July 16. The bookstore went viral online and has won such titles as "National Most Beautiful Bookstore", "National First O2O Intelligent Bookstore" and "First Around-the-clock Bookstore in Central China".

"Sharing Bookstore" is a change from buying books to borrowing books and it is also a change from individual reading to sharing reading, said Cao Jie, chairman of the board of Anhui Xinhua Distribution Group.