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Anhui’s Import-Export Volume up 33.4% in H1

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/07/17 hits:168


In the first half of 2017, Anhui's import and export growth rates increased by 32.5% year on year, 13.8% higher than the national average, according to Hefei Customs.

In H1, the import and export volume across Anhui reached $24.54 billion, up 33.4% year on year, among which the export volume hit $14.19 billion and import volume hit $10.35 billion yuan, up 16.3% and 42.2% respectively. In June, the import and export volume increased 56.2%, among which, the export volume up 42.2% and the import volume up 79.4%.

In terms of the structure commodities, the import and export volume of mechanical and electrical products up 41.3%, accounting for 50.9% of the total. Imported mechanical equipment up 1.6%, contributing 32% to import growth, 19.2% higher than coppers and iron ores.

In terms of economic entities, Anhui-based private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and state-owned enterprises up 22.3%, 40.2% and 43.2% respectively, compared with 13.2%, -4.5% and -10.4% in the same period last year.

In terms of trade modes, general trade and processing trade exports up 36.2% and 29.9% respectively, compared with 3.1% and -4.1% in the same period last year.

In Hefei Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the import and export volume hit 2.87 billion yuan(about $436 million), up nearly 15 folds. Hefei Nexchip Semiconductor Corporation contributed 6.3% to provincial import growth. Meanwhile, the import and export volume in Hefei Export Processing Zone hit 10.31 billion yuan(about $1.51 billion).

In order to promote the sustainable development of foreign trades, Anhui will upgrade and transform industries. In addition to traditional industries, some strategic emerging industries will be developed. Anhui province will also focus on knowledge economy and circular economy.(by Jiang Xueting)