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Officials pledge allegiance to the Constitution

source:ah.gov.cn author:Rain release date:2017/07/14 hits:155

The General Office of the People’s Government of Anhui Province held a ceremony for 14 officials to pledge fidelity to the Constitution on Thursday.

In the first such ceremony of government departments in Anhui, 14 newly-appointed division-head level officials of the general office took the oath. They pledged to loyally defend the constitution as they fulfill their duties honestly, subject to the people’s supervision. The ceremony was supervised by Hou Ximin, Secretary-general of the provincial government.

In July 2015, China decided that officials at all levels in government, courts and procuratorates should take a public oath of allegiance to the Constitution as they assume office. In December 2015, Measures of Anhui for Pledging Allegiance to the Constitution was adopted.

In June 2017, the general office of the provincial government published detailed rules specifying formalities and procedures for the ceremony.