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Anhui Steps up Efforts to Develop Sports

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/07/13 hits:113


Anhui aims to grow into a sports powerhouse by 2025, with the output of that industry to hit at least 200.0 billion yuan ($29.5 billion), according to a development plan issued at a meeting in Hefei, capital of the province, on Wednesday.

Under the plan, people often taking part in sports activities will make up 36 percent of the local population, sports ground per capita will cover an area of more than two square meters, and the rate of residents who meet national standards for physique will rise to 92.2 percent.

As part of its efforts to achieve those goals, the province will carry out an “Internet Plus Nationwide Fitness” program, which features the application of modern information technology like cloud computing and the Internet of Things to the national fitness drive, Gao Weiling, head of Anhui Provincial Bureau of Sports said at the meeting.

The plan also noted that the output of the sports industry will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2025. By that time, the province will have developed a sports market where public services and market-oriented services are combined, the sports cause and the sports industry are coordinated and the sports industry is integrated with other industries.

Anhui will strive to outshine most other Chinese provinces and take the lead in the Central China region in comprehensive strength of sports, the document said.