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Zhejiang Delegation Visits Anhui

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/07/12 hits:153

Zhejiang Delegation visits new-energy vehicle production base of JAC.

Zhejiang Delegation headed by Che Jun, Party Chief of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, and Governor Yuan Jiajun, visited Anhui from July 10 to 11. Li Jinbin, Party Chief of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, accompanied them during the visit and presided over the symposium on the economic development of two provinces.

During the symposium, Li Jinbin welcomed Zhejiang Delegation to Anhui and expressed gratitude to them for long-term support on behalf of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Anhui Provincial Government.

Li Jinbin said that in recent years, two sides has been widening the cooperation in B & R Initiative, Yangtze River Economic Zone and the Integration of Yangtze River Delta.

Li hoped that two sides can strengthen the cooperation among cities in a bid to promote the free flow and efficient allocation of capital, talent, technology and other factors of production.

Che Jun said that Zhejiang will learn the pioneering spirit from Anhui in an effort to pool strength for the reform and open-up.

Che said that Zhejiang would like to join hands with Anhui to boost and widen cooperation in an aim to promote the integration of Yangtze River Delta.

After the symposium, Anhui and Zhejiang signed the cooperation agreement on jointly build world-class tourism destination and University of Science and Technology of China inked a province-university cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Provincial Government.