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Number of National Parks in Hefei to Hit 10

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/06/28 hits:390


Hefei will boast 10 national parks, according to Hefei Municipal Bureau of Forestry and Parks. The ten national parks consist of 5 national forest parks and 5 national wetland parks.

Five national forest parks are Mt.Dashu National Forest Park, Binhu National Forest Park, Mt. Zipeng National Forest Park, Mt. Yefu National Forest Park and Guanting National Forest Park.

Five national wetland parks include Guanwan National Wetland Park, Bandao National Wetland Park, Sanhe National Wetland Park, Dongpu National Wetland Park and Binhu National Wetland Park.

Dongpu National Wetland Park is the largest national wetland park in Anhui. The park will start construction this year and it is expected to finish construction by the end of 2019.