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Legend about Anfeng Tang

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Anfeng Tang, one of the four ancient irrigation projects in China, is located at Shouxian County, Anhui Province. The reservoir, once called Quebei, was built about 2,500 years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period under the oversight of Sunshu Ao, Prime Minister of the State of Chu then. Here is a story about the origin of the irrigation project. 

 Long long ago, Anfeng Tang was a beautiful city. The dragon controlling rain around the city viciously brought severe drought so that people couldn’t live. As they complained about the dragon’s villainy and prayed for rain, the Jade Emperor in the heavens heard their grievance. To appease people’s anger, he banished the dragon from the heavens. It fell down to the ground and lay still outside of the city. The drought-stricken people crowded to kill the dragon and cooked the meat. This was really going too far! How dare ordinary men slaughter a dragon from the heavens! The Jade Emperor ordered to submerge the city with 49-day-long torrential rain in wrath. Hence Anfeng Tang.

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