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Tianzhu Mountain in China's Anhui Lauded by Russian Deputy PM

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/06/23 hits:375

Yury Trutnev, former deputy prime minister of Russia, spoke highly of Tianzhu Mountain, calling upon more Russians to add the renowned scenic spot in China’s Anhui province to their travel bucket lists.

Trutnev made the remarks at a meeting on Tuesday in Moscow. The event was launched by government authorities of Qianshan, a county where the mountain is located, with the aim of promoting the attraction among Russians.

Tu Gaosheng, deputy head of Tianzhu Mountain Administrative Committee, briefed on the natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and abundant tourism resources of the mountain, noting that to attract more visitors from the country, it has launched special tourism products intended for the Russian market.

Tianzhu Mountain, also called Mount Wan, is the place from which the abbreviation of Anhui - “Wan” - derives. It has 45 peaks which are 1,000 meters above the sea level.

In addition to Trutnev, former Russian prime minister Sergey Kiriyenko attended the meeting. Having scaled the mountain twice, he extended congratulations on the successful holding of the meeting and gave his wish for a better tomorrow of the destination. The Russian also said he would like to visit the mountain for a third time.

As Tianzhu Mountain gets on a faster track toward going global, more exchanges are conducted and closer partnership is established by Qianshan and Russia.

At an international promotional fair for Anhui organized by the Chinese Minsitry of Foreign Affairs earlier this year, the province’s Party chief Li Jinbin introduced “the Russian Village” at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain as one of the highlights of the province’s tourism.

A delegation of 44 civil servants from Russia visited the mountain in May.

Moreover, a Russian health care summit is scheduled to take place in Qianshan in October.