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Anhui Development and Reform Commission

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•  draw up and carry out the strategies, middle-and-long-term layout and annual plan for national economic and social development to coordinate it in an all-round way, and study current economic situation to propose regulatory objectives and policies on gross balance, development speed and structure adjustment

•   monitor macro-economic and social development to supply relevant information, forecast the trend and give early warning, study major issues concerning macro-economic operation and propose suggestions on macro-control policies and organize and coordinate credit system construction

•   guide the progress and comprehensive coordination of economic system reform, study major issues concerning economic system reform and opening up, draw up overall scheme for economic system reform, coordinate the work related to specific economic system reform and guide relevant trial work

•   make plan for major projects and the allocation of productive force, draw up adjustment objectives, policies and measures about overall scale and structure of investment in fixed assets for the whole society, draw up annual plan for fixed assets investment within the provincial fiscal budget and allocate fiscal construction funds and special government construction funds, guide and supervise the use of policy-based loans and foreign construction funds, examine, approve and audit major construction projects, foreign investment projects and overseas investment projects, encourage and guide non-government investment, carry out inspection on major construction projects and guide the development of engineering consulting industry

•   advance the strategic restructuring of the economy, draw up overall industrial policies, coordinate major problems concerning industrial development and dovetail and balance related development plans, policies and measures, including national economic and social development plans, coordinate major issues concerning agriculture and economic and social development in rural areas, draw up strategies, plans, policies and measures for the development of high-tech industries, analyze the performance of fiscal, financial, industrial and price policies and propose related suggestions and draw up national economy mobilization plan of the province and carry out related work

•   study and propose development strategies for foreign funds utilization and overseas investment and objectives and policies concerning their gross balance and structural optimization, draw up plans for the utilization of international financial organization loans, foreign government loans and commercial loans, and manage and monitor foreign debt and coordinate and advance trans-province or cross-region economic and technological cooperation and exchange and counterpart support

•   draw up, carry out, monitor and evaluate plans for main functional area, draw up regional development strategies, plans and policies, and implement policies concerning the rising of Central China, study and propose strategies and policies of urbanization development, and guide the development of county economy and economically strong towns, are responsible for the work concerning development zones,  draw up and carry out economy development plans for poverty-stricken areas and work relief plans,  organize and coordinate the relocation of residents from reservoir regions and related economic development

•   study and propose strategies for the development of social undertakings across the province, draw up medium and long term plans and annual plans for their development, are responsible for dovetailing education, culture, health and other social undertakings with national economic and social development, study and propose policies on employment promotion and income distribution and social security improvement, and coordinate major issues concerning social undertakings development and reform

•   work with related departments to draw up development strategies and policies for service sectors, formulate development plans for service sectors, major regional wholesale markets and major factor markets and guide the construction of market system, draw up strategies and plans for the development of modern logistics, keep the gross balance of key commodities and exercise the macro control, draw up plans for the gross volume of major agricultural products import and export, and propose suggestions on the store of major commodities

•   advance the strategy of sustainable development, coordinate the work concerning energy conservation and emission reduction and draw up policies for developing circular economy and building conservation-minded society, participate in the formulation of plans for ecological construction and environmental protection, coordinate major issues including ecological construction, energy and resources conservation and comprehensive utilization, comprehensively coordinate environmental protection industries and cleaner production, draw up plans and policies to combat climate change and put forward suggestions on land resources planning, development and protection;  

•   participate in drawing up and implementing local laws and regulations, analyze the implementation of related laws and regulations and major guidelines and policies and guide and coordinate biding and tendering in accordance with rules

•   undertake other tasks assigned by the provincial government