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10th Expo Central China to Hold First Seminar on Foreign Investment

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/05/10 hits:123

The 10th Expo Central China will be held in Hefei next week. It will serve as an important platform to expand foreign trade and implement the Belt and Road Initiative.

First Seminar on Foreign Investment

Based on the platform of Expo, the first high-level symposium among foreign companies will be held on May 17th.. The seminar will focus on the innovation of national economic development zones and pilot free trade zones, so as to improve investment environment. Besides,the seminar will concerns issues such as foreign investment, real economy, regional cooperation, partner assistance and industrial parks.

Efficient and Frugal Expo

In order to implement the Party Central Committee's eight-point decision, extravagance will be strictly banned in the expo. By virtue of new media, policies related to investment environment will be propagandized. At the same time, the expo will enhance mutual exchanges between six provinces of central China and foreign enterprises.

31 Thematic Activities Covering Various Fields

Representatives of various enterprises will gather here. The expo will be both online and offline to ensure that enterprises make fully discussion in 31 specialized fields. In terms of electronic commerce, some large-scale enterprises at home and abroad will attend seminars.

Cooperation with Countries along the Routes of the Belt and Road

Taking the opportunity of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the expo will enhance cooperation with countries along the route of Belt and Road at multi-levels and in various areas.

Trade Promotion in Federal District along the Volga

In terms of activities, trade promotion will be held in Federal District along the Volga. Mainstream medias form ten ASEAN members will visit cultural tourism demonstration area in South Anhui. Sixth provinces in central China will put emphasis on some products like household appliance, biological pharmacy, new energy and new material.

80,000 Square Kilometers of Exhibition Area

The exhibition will be divided into three areas in which local specialties of six provinces will be displayed. The area of boutique exhibition will exhibit China time-honored brands, national products of geographical indication and well-known trademarks.