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The State Council Commends Anhui for Local Fiscal Work

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/05/09 hits:133

With regard to local fiscal work, Anhui ranks 4th in the country, commended by the State Council, according to Anhui Provincial Department of Finance.

Under the guidance of documents promulgated by the State Council, Anhui reaches 437.3 billion yuan of total revenue, with an increase of 9%. It tops in the first three among the national scoring of equalized transfer payments, ranking 5th with regard to transparent budget evaluation and 3th with regard to fund management. Besides, the province ranks 1st in terms of budge enforcement in China for three times, and 1st among central provinces in terms of amount of budgetary funds.

Anhui recommends Hefei, Yuexi County and Feidong County as advanced examples of local fiscal work, in accordance with objective evaluations.

In order to commend eight fiscal works such as shantytown renovation, public hospital reform, poverty alleviation and environment governance, the central government will allocate funds to Anhui though various ways.

Anhui will place greater emphasis on optimizing the incentive mechanism and increasing inputs in areas related to living standards. (By Jiang Xueting)