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Anhui to Offer 600,000 New Jobs in 2017

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/04/18 hits:131


Anhui province will create 600,000 new jobs in its urban areas and lift 60,000 residents out of poverty through employment this year, according to an official document released recently.

The Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the document entitled “Major Work on Anhui’s Employment in 2017”, pledging to add 600,000 urban jobs, impose a ceiling of 4.5 percent on the registered urban unemployment rate, and raise the reemployment rate to 50 percent.

Additionally, the local government will buy 50,000 non-profit positions to help those who have difficulty in finding a job.

The province will provide 20,000 internship opportunities and 12,000 grassroots jobs to college graduates, as part of its effort to keep the employment rate of fresh graduates above 90 percent.

The document stressed employment as a priority in the province’s economical and social development.

To create more jobs, non-governmental businesses are encouraged to participate in the reform of state-owned enterprises, while the latter are urged to lure more private capital.

Furthermore, the modern service sector including e-commerce and logistics will continue to enjoy a boost, the document said, adding that a cloud platform is due to be built within the year to offer online services to start-ups.

Meanwhile,the province will launch a campaign in Dabie Mountains area with an aim of reducing poverty by promoting job growth. Vocational training courses will be offered to about 20,000 local people, as was said in the document.