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Revised regulations to boost tourism

source:ah.gov.cn author:Rain release date:2017/04/06 hits:355

The 37th session of the Standing Committee of the 12th Anhui Provincial People’s Congress passed the revised Regulations of Anhui on Tourism recently to boost the development of tourism and protect lawful rights and interests of tourists and travel agents.

The regulations proposes to boost tourism into strategic pillar industry of the province by structural reform, supportive policies and establishing all-for-one tourism with outstanding scenic spots, fine itineraries, unique tourist commodities, and leading enterprises.

The regulations calls for a full-function and smart tourist service platform, free WIFI at transport stations and scenic spots and smart tourist services including smart guide and audio guide.

It’s also stipulated that tourists are forbidden to enter undeveloped or closed areas in scenic spots without permission or explore while endangering travel resources or personal safety. Organizers and rescuees should pay rescue charges if they violate the regulations and lead to accidents.

It’s learned that the regulations will be put into effect on June 1 this year.