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Anhui Unveils Famous Rural Destinations

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/03/15 hits:145

The Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Anhui Province released a list of 98 towns and villages known for distinctive scenery.

Five among them are in Hefei, the capital of the eastern Chinese province, namely, Changlinhe township, Zhegao township, Fengle township, Zhongli village and Hewan neighborhood of Fengle township.

Huangshan city saw 21, or the largest number of sites on the list, including Tangkou township, where the south entrance to the well-known Huangshan Mountain is located, and Qiyunshan, a town home to the Qiyun Mountain, one of China's four sacred mountains of Taoism.

The destinations were selected according to four criteria: resources and views, planning and development, infrastructure and living environment, together with tourist services and overall management, said the department.

It was the fourth list of the same kind the province had unveiled.