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Visa Rules for Anhui Relaxed

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/03/10 hits:506

The Ministry of Public Security of China has promised seven policies to facilitate foreigners' entry to Anhui province as well as another 14 regions in the country, Anhui Daily reported.

The measures are taken in the interests of high-caliber foreign talent, overseas Chinese, foreign students and foreigners working in China in long period.

Among those incentives are the establishment of market-oriented channels for permanent residence application and support for foreign students' start-ups.

Other measures include empowering grass-roots government agencies like the administrative committee of a free trade zone to recommend foreigners to apply permanent residency directly, and making life easier for foreign residents.

In addition to East China's Anhui province, the incentives take effect in provinces like Liaoning, Zhejiang and Henan and Shaanxi Free Trade Zone in Shaanxi province.

Since July 2015, the ministry has introduced favorable entry-exit policies in Shanghai, Fujian, Beijing and Guangdong.