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10 Key Emerging Industrial Bases to be Built in Anhui

source:www.cnanhui.org release date:2017/03/09 hits:123

A batch of key projects will be built in Anhui, according to Zhang Shaochun, the head of Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

10 key emerging industrial bases will be built

As one of national pilot regions for innovation, Anhui is seeking new development path for strategic emerging industries.

Zhang said that Anhui will invest no less than 6 billion yuan of special guide fund. In addition, Anhui will issue supporting policies for emerging industries and strive to build 10 key emerging industrial bases valued at 100 billion yuan each by 2020.

10 billion yuan will be invested in Anhui's South-North Water Transfer Project

Zhang said that Anhui will arrange 5518 key projects valued at 100 million yuan each this year and the yearly investment will hit 1115.954 billion yuan. He added that Anhui will accelerate the construction of Yangtze River - Huaihe River Water Transfer Project , also known as Anhui’s South-North Water Transfer Project, and 10 billion yuan of investment will be realized this year.

A batch of transportation projects will be built this year. Anhui plans to add 123 kilometers of railway, 130 kilometers of expressway and 300 kilometers of arterial highway.

Overall Plan for Anhui Section of Yangtze River will be issued

Anhui will speed up the construction of green ecological corridor and comprehensive three-dimensional transport corridor along Anhui section of Yangtze River in an effort to promote the green development of Yangtze River Economic Belt, according to Zhang Shaochun.

In addition, Anhui will issue Overall Plan for the Protection and Development of Anhui Section of Yangtze River as soon as possible.